A Cutting-Edge Snoring Treatment, without the cutting

No Incisions. No Downtime. No Snoring.​

SnoreX is the brand-new snoring solution you’ve been seeking. Unlike older types of procedures, this non-invasive snoring procedure effectively stops your snoring in just one office visit and offers real, lasting benefits.

Snoring typically results from air passing by or through “floppy” tissue in your airway. The revolutionary SnoreX treatment stiffens the soft palate and raises the uvula so they no longer vibrate excessively when you breathe. And since there is no cutting—just an injection and a suture—you’ll have minimal discomfort and no downtime.

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Young African Man Snoring in Bed, Sleeping

The Snoring Revolution is Here, Pioneered by Dr. Marc Kayem

Otolaryngologist Dr. Marc Kayem realized there was a better way to stop snoring.

His twenty-five-plus years of experience as a snoring doctor helped him develop this new option. In assessing what can work for patients long-term and in searching for a new non-surgical option that could replace traditional surgical procedures, Dr. Kayem developed SnoreX. This innovative procedure has been patented by Dr. Kayem, and at present is only offered by Dr. Kayem.

Ready to stop snoring, the easy way?