Pillar Procedure Alternatives

Non-invasive Substitutes for Pillar Surgery

The pillar procedure works, but…

As of right now, the pillar procedure is unavailable at this date, as the inserts used in the procedure are not currently being manufactured. Luckily, new procedures work just as well (or better), with even less discomfort and less downtime. Like pillar surgery, Elevoplasty and radiofrequency (RF) treatments both stop airway obstruction caused by the palate. Elevoplasty lifts the palate; RF stiffens the palate, and they both do it without pillar inserts.

Which non-invasive snoring surgery is best for you?

Not sure which treatment will best treat your soft palate snoring problem? There’s no way to know until you learn what’s causing your snoring and/or sleep apnea.

After a physical exam and consultation with Dr. Kayem, you’ll know the reason behind your snoring, and learn about the non-invasive sleep apnea surgery or snoring treatment that will work best for you.